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From: Insha Allahu international trading company ltd <inshaallahuinttradingcompany@gmail.com>

Subject: Our Meeting with the Principal Buyer / Price Study Approval Update

To: info@fodrico.ru

Cc: inshatradingcomp@yahoo.com

Date: Wednesday, January 24, 2018, 2:56 PM

Dear Evgeny,


Thanks for your mail.


How are you doing today, hope you are



We hereby thank you very much for your

message dated 23rd January 2018

with your your quote price list well



Kindly bear with us for keeping you

under suspense till date, as we

need to meet with the main principal

buye for the study of your

products quotation price list, which

they have found considerable and



Please be informed that we have been on

a crucial meeting with our

main principal Buyer, who has study

your prices and made us to

understand that they are very much

interested in your

product,especially from your Country's

Origin. As you already know, we

are simply a sourcing Agent that help

the big companies to source for

their needs in the field of various

Foods & Beverages they needed, as

per the current market demands here in

our Coutnry West Africa.


Therefore, we want to bring to your

notice that we have agreed with

the principal buyer for their

purchasing need of 36x40 feet containers

of your products within a space of 12

Months Interval, which shipment

shall be done on a partial delivering

bases in each months according

to your Company's prepared table of

delivering schedule, upon your

receipt of full payment from their Bank

here in Republic of Togo.


Hereunder are the highly impressive

items required by our Principal Buyer:


chips "Megachips" 200 g.* 16 pcs.:

sour cream + cheese

sour cream + onion

horseradish + cold

mushrooms with sour cream



Assorted without bacon



horseradish + cold

mushrooms with sour cream

a hen



Pepperoni pizza

Extremum with the taste of Thai pepper



Strawberries from natural potatoes

"Bulb STICKS" 75gр.*20pcs.:

sour cream + onion



chips "Megaline Natural"100 g.* 20



basil and oregano



with sea salt



Corn sticks "Premier" with powdered

sugar, a set of 2 packs of 150 g. * 8


Pellet chips "Premier" 30 g. * 65 pcs.

sour cream + onion

sour cream + cheese

a hen




Pellet chips "Premier" 110 g. * 16


sour cream + onion

sour cream + cheese



Seeds fried "Golden seed" with sea salt

120 g. * 26 pcs.

Seeds fried "Golden grain" 120 g. * 26


Seeds fried "Golden grain" with sea

salt 120 g. * 26 pcs.


According to the main Principal Buyer,

they made us to unders very

well that it cannot POSSIBLE for them

to establish or enjoy this good

business relationship with your

company, untill your company get them

fully clarified for the below points to

as this will help the both

parties to avoid future



1. Your ability to supply a total 36x40

feet containers for a period

of 12 Months Interval, under a partial

delivering basis.


2. Confirm whether the supplier have

been Exporting any their above

listed products to our Country Togo

before now or to any African

Country for the first time or not.


3. Buyer Payment will be 50%TT in

advance to start production and

Loading of goods, while 50%TT shall be

made before shipment from your

Seaport Or Based on your proper

negotiation with the Principal

Buyer,they can as well work with you on

100%TT in full against

production, loading and Shipping of



4. Your product physical samples is

very important, as mostly

requested by the principal buyer here,

for final Laboratory Testing

Formalities here in our Country Health

Authority,as it is normally

done in European Union, United States

Foods & Drugs, Asia,South &

North America, Middle East and all over

the World, for the Quality

Approval and Consumption acceptance of

same towards Human Consumption,

to avoid any Hazardous effect on human



Once again, we thank you for your

co-operation, as we look forward to

holding a good business relationship

with you, based on your

seriousness to follow the due

procedures of our Country's Trade Rules

/ Regulations so that can be enjoy

making direct supply to the main

principal buyer, because we are the

sourcing agent that source all

Foods & Beverage product to the

principal Buyer.


Your quick reply which we hope will be

favourable,  will enable us

return feedback to the principal buyer,

so that we shall finalized

meeting with them and provide you their

full contact details with

their Official Order Confirmation.



Mr Omar Jabal/Manager

Insha Allahu International Trading


Address: 7 rue de champagne Lome 00228


E-mail: inshaallahuinttradingcompany@gmail.com

E-mail: inshatradingcomp@yahoo.com

Phone Number: +228 92886431.